The Corum Group embraces the dedication needed to bring extraordinary products, brands, and companies to life. With a team of exceptional and bold entrepreneurs, our company is focused on, managing global brands, enhancing customer value, and accelerating growth.


At Corum, we are focused on establishing a high standard of excellence for the brands that we represent. Our experienced, qualified, and innovative team is committed to ensuring the success and sustainability of Corum. We know that this requires a streamlined and focused approach to our strong, diverse and fast growing portfolio.

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Corum Holdings is a diversified company that currently operates in three industries: distribution, restaurant management, and real estate development. Established in 2015 by Clairmont Cummings and Iman Cummings, Corum Restaurant Group Inc. owns and operates global restaurant franchises.  Corum’s mission is to connect people and inspire happiness through great tasting food and unparalled service. Corum is committed to providing the highest standards of customer satisfaction, quality assurance, employee engagement, and corporate social responsibility. At Corum, we are guided by four core values: Customer Experience, Integrity, Innovation, and Excellence. 

  • Distribution
  • Restaurant Management
  • Real Estate Development


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